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Compass Control® is a fully integrated control system built from the ground up to use iOS & Android devices - as its backbone. It integrates remotes and traditional control interfaces in one iOS or Android device.

Fully Integrated Commercial Control System

Video Source & Display Control

Compass Control excels in video control functionality. Sources & Displays are easily switched, turned off/on, and controlled with full button remotes; full control of multiple sources/zones or rooms. All controls can be switched between sources/display remotes instantaneously.

Audio & Music Control

Compass Control delivers your music and streaming audio content where you want it. Whether in the ceiling, in surround sound or through intuitive metadata feedback from your audio device, Compass Control makes these advanced systems as easy as a push of a button.

Lights & Illumination Control

Compass Control offers full integration and eco-management of system lighting. Boasting full integration with the leading lighting control systems, such as Lutron & GE Lighting, Compass Control simplifies your lighting control interface, while increasing efficiency and ease of access.

Shades & Blinds Control

Compass Control provides unparalleled access to blinds and shades control. Compass Control integrates with leading industry brands to provide you with smart ways to decrease power consumption, while delivering the perfect ambiance for any environment.

Security & CCTV Control

Compass Control easily integrates variety of security and CCTV systems into one dynamic system. From lock and entrance controls and CCTV cameras, to integrated security systems you can count on elegant, easy controls via Compass Control custom built interface. 

Climate & HVAC Control

Compass Control gives you full control of your HVAC and Climate Systems. Supporting basic and scheduled control of your HVAC system, Compass Control seamlessly integrates our partner systems into any commercial environment, providing multi-zone access and ease of use for end-users.

Effortless Multi-Zone Control

Easily manage multiple rooms or zones with Compass Control. Each zone can be managed individually or all zones can be  managed together. Change source devices, displays, control volume, quickly access individual device remote controls with full button control.

Discover the most advanced control system on iOS & Android devices. Fully customizable and made to work for you, on your device choice, according to your projects specifications.

Designing Intelligent Commercial System with Compass Control®

Full system integration is now easily accessible to you with Compass Control® – thanks to Key Digital's System Design Group and your integration professional. Key Digital’s System Design Group has years of comprehensive industry experience with virtually all types of integrated systems and provides expertise to choose the correct components for most intelligent and flexible system solution. All of our dealers receive in-depth training and have a choice of working with our Certified Compass Control Programmers to deliver customized control solutions.

Integration Example: Digital Signage - Large Conference Hall or a Resort
Integration Example: Educational - Connected Classroom
Integration Example: Corporate Huddle or Conference Rooms
Integration Example: Large Bar or Restaurant with Digital Signage and Broadcast

Commercial system integrators have been asking for a simple plug-n-play solution for complete control and signal management under one brand, especially when working with multiple brand subsystems. It's here.

Plug-n-Play Integration with Compass Control® Partners

Compass Control® instantly integrates components from Compass Alliance™ Partners to create a simple plug-n-play system when combined with product from any of our partners. We have developed partner modules available to Key Digital dealers consisting of control drivers and a pre-configured GUI templates to streamline system development and programming time.

What can Compass Control® bring to your business or project? Innovative and flexible solutions, scalable to any size business or government organization. Delivered in user-friendly interfaces of iOS or Android.

Let our customers speak for Compass Control®

Available through Compass Control® Authorized Dealer.
Compass Control® can be purchased and customized for variety of industries through Key Digital Dealer network.

How can I find out more about Compass Control?

Compass Control® Systems can be purchased through Compass Control® Certified Dealers Worldwide. Our dealers are Certified Compass Control Programmers and will provide you with a customized system design centered around Compass Control ecosystem – giving you a built-to-order scalable hardware/software solutions.

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